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Modern Applications of the Abacus

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Art Work

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Art Work

One of the best and income generating use of the abacus is its contribution in the artwork and the style given to the primitive device by the modern artists. Abacus is used as a style icon nowadays. Many designers have used the whole design of abacus and their very own abacus products are in the market now.

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The bold and simple design of abacus has made it charming and many designers feel it attractive that is why the lovers of straight lines like any thing about the abacus style. For some these straight lines hold too much beauty.

Now a days if the markets are explored then a lot of abacus products ranging from wristwatches to t-shirts and from mechanical devices to videogames can be found. Actually some of the artists have made different models of abacus and have presented them in exhibition for the purpose of sale.

These models present a whole new picture of the modern day culture and approach of the people about the abacus and their thinking about this great invention. This is also a way to pay a tribute to this great tool.

Modern Machines

Abacus is such a good tool that it appears in the modern world so often. The basic concept underlying the invention of abacus has been proved very beneficial for the modern machines and has led to the invention of many new ideas and electronic calculators. Abacus can be termed as the world’s first personal calculator with manual use.

Its invention opened new horizons for mathematicians and inventors, with the passage of time they tried to make positive amendments in the capacity and the usage of abacus leading the human race towards the invention of intelligent electronic calculators. It can be said that, in the very inside of the modern calculator abacus is present.

The main reason of the success of abacus is that it is complete and simple in its application and can be used by both educated and uneducated personals at the same time. The adaptability of the tool also made it a hit among different nations of different times. Its ingenious approach made it a comprehensive tool and increased its users.

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Its importance is still felt in the modern world and it is used and organized in a gentle way by the modern users. Business personals use it with full authority and try to take maximum benefit from this machine. Comprehensiveness of the tool has made it to survive for centuries and current use of the abacus in this electronic world has ensured its importance among the mathematical tools of all times.

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if u may give the examples for describing applications it will be better for understanding. is it usefull for childrens of students of 6th standered.
Comment posted by: santosh nigam on 2010-03-12T10:02:25

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