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How Abacus is used in different Number Systems

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Mayan Civilization and Hindu Arabic Number System

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Mayan Civilization

Mayan civilization of Central America also used the number system with the mixed base of 18 and 20. Mayan civilization had developed modern day abacus in very early days of their civilization. Abacus was very common in the daily lives if those people and they were used to perform all of their calculations on abacus.

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This number system also had the notion of zero, which is a remarkable feature of this number system. Abacus was very easy to use with this number system and was a hit also in the old Mayan civilization.

Positional Arithmetic

Positional arithmetic was basically originated with the wide use of abacus in China. In this case abacus emerged as an inventor. This system also had the notion of zero as old as 932. This system was easy to use with the help of abacus. Positional arithmetic is still used teach beginners how to perform calculations.

Positional Arithmetic system was very easily understood and was very convenient to perform calculations with it in any case. It also made some advanced calculations on abacus very easy to perform and made it the widely used tool in China.

Even in the modern days abacus is used in China with full authority and efficiency as it was used centuries ago and the people who are used to perform their calculations on abacus seem to out number the persons using modern day calculators as far as speed and accuracy is concerned. There is also an evidence of Chinese adopting the decimal number system for their calculations on abacus in the early times.

Hindu Arabic Number System

Modern day Hindu Arabic number system is the most widely used number system and is very good number system. This number system seems to have been developed in India and then passed on to the Arab world. This number system is deemed to be the best number system, which can be used, in the daily lives of the people.

Hindu Arabic number system was very easy to use with abacus and is still used in the modern time to perform calculations with abacus. The most distinctive feature of this number system is the use of zero in this number system. This system was probably introduced because of the number of fingers in our hands. Abacus is very comfortable with this number system and is used all over the world with this number system.

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The use of abacus with different number systems tells us about the universality of the device and makes it one of the best calculating tools ever produced. Every educated civilization of its time has used abacus for calculations in the routine business life as well as for the educational and research purpose with different number systems.

Abacus has proved itself very adaptive and responsive to the different needs of the civilizations and this is the main reason abacus has been used by all of the civilizations of the world from prehistoric times.

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