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Computation using Chinese Abacus

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Computations through the use of Chinese Abacus would be made by either moving the beads up or down against the beam. In order to reset the suanpan it only needs to spin the beads and move them away on the horizontal beam and move them at the center.

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There are different uses of suanpuan. These are for counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root and cube root. Using the efficient suanpan techniques these arithmetic process can be done at a high speed.

The suanpan was designed for decimal and hexadecimal numeral system. The suanpan has this standardized system of 5 plus 2 that is suitable for the use of the hexadecimal as a numeral system.

The columns of the abacus are the same places as in the Arabic numeral system. The columns located at the rightmost indicate ones place; the columns located at the left side tens place, hundreds place and thousands place, among others.

After calculating in decimal number system using the Chinese abacus it does not mean all the five beads located in the lower deck to be moved up. Usually, the five beads are to be pushed back down and then carry one bead on the top of the deck will take their places.

However, if there are two beads that are on the top of the deck that are pushed down, they should be pushed back up and carry one bead on the lower deck located at the next column on the left side is moved up.

Using the hexadecimal number system, the seven beads located on each column are used. To have the result of computation there is a read off of the clustered beads that are near the separator beam which is located between the lower deck and upper deck.

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The heaven and earth beads are not usually intended in computing arithmetic processes such as addition and subtraction. They are more often used and very important in calculating for multiplication and division methods.

To ensure fast and smooth motion of using the abacus, the rods and the beads are lubricated.

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