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Basic Abacus Techniques

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Principle of Abacus

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Principle of Abacus

By now you must have realized how simple it is to work on an abacus. This is a pure form of mechanical system in which you actually set the numbers almost like writing it down and changing the beads in the prescribed manner will give you the results for basic arithmetic. The principle is same as that of you removing, placing and recounting pebbles placed on a board.

Calculations are usually done on an empty or cleared abacus. Place the abacus flat on the table, now tilt the frame towards you and let gravity pull all the beads down. Now you are ready to start your calculations on abacus. One of the fundamental techniques of an abacus is to work the numbers from left to right as you write down the numbers. This will help you to set the numbers and work on it with ease.

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When using an abacus to solve problems of addition and subtraction, the process will be easy to comprehend and follow through. For a simple calculation of 8-2, you have to set the number 8 on the frame with one upper bead and three lower beads. Now for the subtraction separate the figure of 2 on to the upper frame by taking of the 5 and 1 unit bead leaving you with 1 lower bead and one upper bead which represent six.


It is a fact that the abacus was used thousands of years ago and by men who did not know much of science or mathematics. However it is imperative to know completely the layout and the principle of operation of abacus to successfully master the abacus.

In the ancient Rome and China there were merchants who knew how to work on any numbers with ease using the abacus. Today the abacus is used to demonstrate the power and simplicity with which any mathematical problems can be broken down.

With consistent practice and research, you can also achieve a moderate calculation power on abacus. Even though the simple problems of addition and subtraction is easy to handle with the complex problems including decimals and negative numbers demand a certain level of proficiency with the use of abacus. However the case may be till date abacus is considered to be one of the finest inventions of a calculating device.

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can i teach abacus method at home. my daughter is 5yr and 7months. Does it not confuse with the school method of teaching
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How to teach the sr. kg students
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what are the device used to make abacus and the year that it occur in use before the invention of computer
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