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Atomic Abacus

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Atomic Abacus

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World’s Smallest Abacus

Ever since the invention of abacus in the ancient civilizations, the abacus has undergone a number of changes. It has changed in it shape, functions, complexity and the materials used to make it. Who would ever think that one day the world’s smallest abacus could be invented. It was on November 13, 1996, some group of scientists built this remarkable invention. 

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They have spent numerous man hours and efforts in the IBM Research Division’s Zurich laboratory, which is located in Switzerland and have come up with the invention of the world’s smallest abacus properly termed as atomic abacus. The details of the atomic abacus are even not much heard about.

The various reasons of it are the uses of an atomic abacus are mainly meant for the scientific community and its understanding and technology is beyond the scope of a common man.

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