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Importance of Abacus for Mathematical Development

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Abacus Development

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Abacus Development

The invention of abacus was the first step in the mathematical advancements. Abacus made human beings to learn about the simple arithmetical tasks and also due to this adoptability it enabled us to also perform actions in different base numbers. Its sliding rule is its excellent feature, which can also be seen in the modern day calculators.

With the passage of time it introduced many other features in the counting process such as calculation of cube root. It enabled us to understand basic mathematical rules. It made the human race to catch up with the enthralling diversity of universe with the simple rules. Although abacus is not like a calculator which is used in the modern days but in the very inside corner of the most advanced modern day calculator lays an abacus.

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Abacus can be seen as the rawest calculator. i.e. the first most calculator. The wonder of the tool can be comprehended from the fact that it is considered to be the one of the most important tools of all times.

More Advancements

For centuries many newer versions of abacus were tried reflecting their culture and daily working routines in abaci designs. With the development in technology more efficient and convenient calculating devices are being introduced in the world. These computing devices contain many special features along with the features of abaci.

Abaci was the beginning process of the world’s most advanced calculators containing its features like convenience, accuracy and precision. With more and more research going on it is hoped that in the future more advanced calculators will emerge but the importance of abaci will never be forgotten and it will remain the remarkable invention of all times.

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