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Abacus Development

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After the introduction of the first of its type personal calculator (abacus), efforts were made to make calculations more easy and efficient. For this purpose instead of letters, number systems were used to calculate. Firstly the set of number system with the bases 2 and 5 were used then after some time new number systems with their factors were used at different locations in different parts of the world. 

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With the passage of time more improvements were made in the abacus and people tried to assemble a tool that could be carried anywhere with ease. For this purpose a rigid structure was used by the early civilizations. They added rods on the frame and divided the frame into two parts, giving each part a particular meaning.

The rods on the frame were facilitated with beads to calculate things by remembering the relation between the sets of things calculated.

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Comment posted by: OMKAR KALE on 2009-01-02T07:03:48
i want to know hw to use the abacus
Comment posted by: venkateswara gupta j on 2009-02-23T12:45:29
How to learn the Abacus in the point of view mathematics, provide the information.
Comment posted by: Narendra A. Thaware on 2009-01-13T14:36:34
My son is aged 9 years studying in 4th class.
A daughter appearing 10th class.I would like to know whether abacus helps them in any means,if so please let me know the way of getting it...thanks.
Comment posted by: mas on 2009-04-05T10:34:42
I want to learn how to use the Abacus.I am a civil engineering student.
Comment posted by: Richard Omani-Mensah on 2009-09-22T13:19:39
The art of solving arithmetic calculation using abacus has become a common activity. The training is provided by different organisations. My children do it from UCMAS - Universal Concept of Mental Arithmetic System. With practice, this helps the child to visualise the beads and therefore use his/her right brain.
Comment posted by: Anuja on 2009-11-07T03:20:26
how to use abacus
Comment posted by: laxmi daga on 2010-02-15T04:25:07
Hello sir,
how to use and how to learn ABACUS?
Comment posted by: BASAVARAJ.K on 2010-01-11T02:22:24
pls explain us by example showing 3 digits abacus model with the help of beeds
Comment posted by: mukesh on 2010-06-20T15:05:34
I would love learning to use abacus. The abacus is one of histories greatest tools.
Comment posted by: Robert degrazzi on 2011-02-09T13:23:12

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